成交价: 佣金比例:
开始日期: 结束日期:
工作项目 日期 完成 工作项目 日期 完成
上市合约 (Residential Purchase Agreement With Counter Offer): * 地震手冊 (Booklet sold (In Booklet)):
经纪人关系 (Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Relationships (Seller/Agent)): 政府检查 (City Inspection or Waiver (Certain City Only)):
* 买家检查建议 (Buyers Inspection Advisory): 社区信息 (Homeowner Association Information Request (Condo Only)):
* 白蚁检查要求书 (Wood Destroying Pest INspection ANd Allocation Addendum): * 去白蚁完成 (Termite Work Completed (or Buyer\'s Inspection Waiver)):
* 支票存款 (Check Deposit): * 银行正式的批准证书 (Load Approval):
* Escrow指令 (Escrow Instruction): 银行没收屋买卖须知 (Reo Advisory):
* 产权报告 (Preliminary Title Report): * 冷静期结束报告 (Remove Contingency Report):
* 产权报告同意书 (Approval Pre-lim): * 卖方陈述-不是外国人身份(Seller Affidauit Of Non-Foreign Status):
* 自然灾害报告 (Natural Hazard Report): * 保修证明 (Proof Of Home Warranty):
* 自然环境报告 (Natural Hazard Disclosure (From Disclosure Company)): * 买卖家须知 (Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory):
* 买家放弃检查 (Buyer\'s Inspection Wavier (If No Termite or No Inspection)): * 验收情况 (Verification of Property Condition):
* 房屋检查 (Home Inspection): 卖家须知 (Seller\'s Advisory):
* 房屋检查报告 (Physical Inspection Report or Summary Page): 房屋情况 (Property Profile):
* 佣金许可 (Commission Authorization): 上市状态变更 (MLS Report Sold/Pending):
* 房屋状况告白书 (TDS): 授权书POA (Power Of Attorny):
* 经经查看报告 (Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (IRN Agent)): * 房屋维修申请RR (Repair Request):
* 有关热水器和烟雾报警器 (Water Heater and Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance): * 评估报告 (Evaluation Report):
* 一氧化碳警报器 (Carbon Monoxide Notice): * 确认首付款 (Down Payment):
* 关于含铅油漆(Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (1978 or Earlier Homes Only)): * 尾款到位认时间 (Funding):
* 白蚁报告 (Termite Inspection (or Buyer\'s Inspection Waiver)): * 约收房的时间:
* 卖家问卷 (Seller Property Questionaire): * 完成收房及银行/escrow所有签字文件:
* 防震情况 (Earthquake Disclosure): * 确认银行放款及资金到位:
* 市场条件报告 (Market Condition Advisory): * 与客户确认产权转移:
* 买家购房要求 (Buyer Material Issues): * 拿钥匙:
* 火险 (Fire Insurance): * 全部文件结束 (Closing Package):

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